White's Pet Care

We look after all of your pets needs


area's we cover...

Yardley Wood 

Kings heath


Hall Green 


Selly Park
and surrounding areas

Dog walking 

We will pick up your dog from home, he/she will be taken to a local park to get plenty of exercise and heaps of fun. This will include plenty of fuss, attention, play, or anything else your dog loves to do. We have lots of balls or toys to take with us. Dogs can either be walked individually or be taken as part of a group walk which has no more than 4 dogs at any time. 
We carry our own towels to dry your dog if he/she is wet or at the least wipe down muddy paws upon return to your house. Treats and food will be left as specified by you and we will check water bowls are full before leaving your furry friend.  
We will also always work on general obedience training while we have your dog in our care. 

Puppy/Dog Visits

We can let your puppy or older dog out into the garden to do their business, give them their feed if required, give your little friends lots of cuddles, fuss or play. We can also help with puppies transition to being left at home alone and work on some general obedience to get them ready for when they start to go out on walks. 

Cat Visits

Cats love to be in their own home surroundings. An alternative to a cattery would be to let us feed and water your cat(s) and most importantly give them lots of fuss and affection whilst we are there. we can clean out litter trays and clean bowls, all with the added benefit that whilst there we will happily water your plants and bring in mail/papers whilst you are away.

Small Animals 

Caged animals such as Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Mice and Parrots can be visited in your home where they will be checked on, cleaned out and fed whilst you are away. 

Large Animals

We can also visit horses at your stables to make sure they are fed and cleaned out, also we could give your horse a general groom whilst your away on your holidays.